About Us
Visger Precision, Inc. was founded by Terry Visger in the fall of 1975 as a one-man shop. Equipment at that time consisted of a manual mill, a manual lathe, and a bandsaw. Our first customers were three of Terry’s former employers: a race car manufacture, a small electronics company, and a machine shop. Six months later Terry’s two brothers, David and Edward, joined him—making this one-man shop a “family business.”

In the early 1980’s the data storage business began to take off in the Silicon Valley, and as a result of this our business grew. In the 1980s the CNC machining became a standard of the industry. We purchased our first CNC machine and another soon after.

Over the years manufacturing technology rapidly developed in the field of precision machining. We currently operate the newest generation of machines that are robot-loaded and computer-managed on a 24-hour basis. Our diverse customer base has grown over the years and now includes the latest in medical technology, aviation, navigation systems, fiber optics, oil-related industries, and a large automotive manufacturing race team.

Terry continues to manage the company, and his brothers still work with him. VPI has grown from a small family business into a technology-based operation with fifteen employees—all working together to provided the highest in quality precision work to our customers. Through a business culture which is focused upon precision and quality. VPI has met the challenges of market changes and machining innovations and continues to provide a reliable and excellent product.
Our Customers Include:
Ametek-Chandler Engineering (OK) Hosmer-Dorrance Corporation (CA)
Applied Precision, Inc. (WA) Intevac, Inc. (Singapore/CA)
BAE Systems (CA/PA) Jabil Circuit, Inc. (AZ)
Bay Seal Company (CA-Hayward) Regan Designs (ID)
S-TEC Corporation (TX) Rudolph Technology (NJ/MN)
Ciena Corporation (MD) Sanmina-SCI Corporation (AL)
Edge Product Development (PA/CA) VFI Fabricators (NJ)
Honda Performance Development (CA)    
CNC Plasma Cutting Tools