Facilities List
Milling (CNC & Manual):
Mazak FH-5800 Palletech Manufacturing Cell (3 horizontal mills/20 pallets)
Mazak AJV-25/405 CNC Vertical Machining Center with two pallets
Bridgeport Mills (12" X 24") with digital readout (5)
Turning (CNC & Manual):
Mazak Integrex 200 ST Mark IV 5-Axis
Mazak Nexus QT200 MSY
Mazak 35XS CNC Lathe (20" dia. X 40")
Hardinge Super Precision Chuck Lathe
Hardinge Super Precision Tool Room Lathe
Harrison Tool Room Lathe
Webb Engine Lathe
Grinding, Honing, Deburring:
Sunnen Precision Hone
Reid 6" X 12" Precision Surface Grinder
Vibratory Deburring Machines
Inspection Equipment:
Brown and Sharp Global CNC CMM 500mm x 700mm
Mitutoyo Model 301 Surface Tester
Gagemaster GMX Series 20 Optical Comparator
Granite Surface Plates to 36" X 60"
A full compliment of manual gages calibrated annually
DoAll Model 305 Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw
Grob 24" Vertical Band Saw
Parlec Parsetter Model 204 Tool Height Indicator
Miller Synchrowave 300 TIG Welder
MasterCam X4
Our CAM software integrates with all of the leading solid modeling CAD packages in IGES, ACIS (solids), DXF, CADL, VDA, STL & ASCII formats.
Precision Grinding/Lapping Services and Heat Treating